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Focus core compency is software and database web sites. After all we write the software that writes the web sites. When it comes to dbQwikSite, no body knows how to leverage the power of this tool better than the makers of the tool, and that's us.

We can help with deliverying your next web project, even if it is not a dbQwikSite project. Anything from getting custom graphics, to designing database tables, to publishing on your server, we are ready to assist.

On occation Focus may take on other software projects that are not web based. Talk to our service personnel to learn more.

Need help getting a project completeted using dbQwikSite, we have the experts you need. From database design, graphics, dbQwikSite design, and publishing no one knows dbQwikSite better than us.
Need help with a web site that is not a dbQwikSite project? No problem we know database web sites the best. We can help you create a simple web site to a web application. With expertise in database and SEO we can help you accellerate the delivery of your next web project.
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